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"Empowering business by giving consumers a voice." sm

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Thank you for allowing us to serve you! Zoe's is very committed to providing you the best possible experience each time you visit. Your thoughts and opinions on how well we did are very important in helping us meet our, and your, high service standards!

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Theo and everyone at Zoe's

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Was this your first visit to Zoe's?

yes, I'm a newbie
been here a couple of times
I eat here so often, they should name a sandwich after me!

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Were you received promptly and in a relaxed manner as you entered?

as if I was one of the family!
a little wait
a LONG wait

Did our server introduce himself/herself in a timely manner?

very timely
somewhat slow
uh, we're still waiting.....

Did our server suggest any specific specialty drink or food item?

yes, and I ordered one!
yes, but I passed
apparently they forgot to

Was your food delivered in a timely fashion?

yes, great job!
my pet snail could do it faster

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Was your food delivered as ordered? (click all that apply)

no - cold
no - undercooked
no - overcooked
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Did you find the atmosphere and staff of the restaurant upbeat and friendly?

never wanted to leave
wish I could say "yes".....
kinda yes, kinda no

Did our server come back to check on the quality of your meal?

we thought they went home

How would you describe your plate presentation?

very attractive
it was okay
reminded me of an army chow line

How would you rate the portion size of your meal?

good size
a bit skimpy

Did a staff member thank you for visiting us as you exited?


After this visit, would you recommend us to your friends and family?

only if I want them to hate me more

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