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"Empowering business by giving consumers a voice." sm

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Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you. We always want to improve your last experience with us and your feedback helps us do that!

Please take a minute to complete this questionnaire. We value your suggestions.

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Dan, Josh and the staff at the Mews Tavern

What day did you dine with us?

Date:      Note: Click on the box to select a date.


Was this your first visit to the Mews Tavern?

yes, I'm a newbie
been here a couple of times
I eat here so often, they should name a burger after me!

When you arrived, did you find the exterior of the business to be appealing?

not at all

Were you greeted promptly and in a friendly manner as you entered?

as if I was one of the family!
ok wait time
eventually, but he/she still made me feel welcome
I've felt more welcome at the DMV

Did you dine with us for lunch or dinner?

both actually, do I win anything?

Did our server introduce himself/herself in a timely manner?

very timely
not too long
somewhat slow
uh, we're still waiting.....

If so inclined, please enter your server's name:


Was your food order taken in a timely manner?


Were recommendations or suggestions made to help you enjoy your visit?

yes, excellent choices!
I was pointed in the right direction
I'm not sure if our server even knew where he/she was

What items did our server suggest? (click all that apply)

daily specials
his/her phone number


Did your food order arrive in a timely manner and as ordered?

yes to both
not as ordered
not timely

Was your food delivered as ordered? (click all that apply)

no - cold
no - undercooked
no - overcooked
item(s) missing/incorrect


If an item was missing or incorrect, did a manager do all he/she could do to make your experience more enjoyable?

yes absolutely!
he/she made an attempt
actually, I never mentioned it
no problems

Did you find the atmosphere of the restaurant alive and enjoyable?

never wanted to leave
kinda yes, kinda no
wish I could say yes...

How would you rate the overall service you received at the Mews Tavern?

ok, I got the stuff
slower than death chained to a stump!

What is it that you enjoy most about the Mews Tavern?

menu selection
drink selection


If other, please specify:


How would you rate the cleanliness of the restaurant?

could be cleaner, but so could my house
yuck, I wouldn't let my dog pee in here

If other, please specify:


Do you feel you received a good value at the Mews Tavern?

best I ever had, raise your prices
pretty good, I got my money's worth
ok, about the same as all the other dives
after that meal, you owe me money

After this visit, would you recommend this business to others?

only if I wanted them to hate me more!

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