- Empowering business by giving consumers a voice.
"Empowering business by giving consumers a voice." sm

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At BizGrader we are committed to quality customer service and consumer experience. We believe that in order to improve service we need to set a higher standard and get everyone involved. BizGrader makes this happen.

Business owners must be aware of what is happening on their front lines, and customers need a place to give feedback to these businesses to tell them what they are doing is or is not working.

In order for customer service to really work we need an open communication between the consumers and the businesses. We set out to build the tools to streamline this process.

We will continue to set high expectations on customer service, and hope you will join us. We understand that this is not an easy task but believe that together we can make it work.

For business owners who want more information about BizGrader's suite of services visit our business area.

For consumers who want to make a difference start here.

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