- Empowering business by giving consumers a voice.
"Empowering business by giving consumers a voice." sm

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You know how to run your business. BizGrader knows how to make it better. Guaranteed.*

BizGrader's unique service combines proven survey methodology, sophisticated analysis and a proprietary method for increasing survey responses to produce meaningful results for your business. By integrating these powerful features, BizGrader can create a customized Business Performance Review program that produces results when you need them, now!

Our robust survey platform and real-time results can be customized to suit the needs of all kinds of businesses. Businesses of any size, from a single salesperson to a national-chain, can benefit from our scalable reporting platform and fully customizable business performance surveys.

* BizGrader is so confident that you’ll be delighted with our services, we guarantee them.  For more details on our satisfaction guarantee, see the Frequently Asked Questions page.   

Tour of Services Video tour

For an overview of our business services, please take a moment to view the Tour of Services presentation. 

Preview highlights of the online tools available to clients, including a proprietary grading method, an at-a-glance business performance summary, powerful survey and demographic reporting tools and more!

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Business Benefits

Find out more about the benefits of monitoring and utilizing customer feedback, and how YOUR business can benefit from BizGrader’s services.  You’ll wonder how you ever lived without us!

Advertising Opportunities

BizGrader has several ways to reach YOUR customers. Contact us to find out more. Using BizGrader’s advertising services will not affect the results of any survey – businesses cannot rank higher than their customers indicate in the survey.


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BizGrader - Improving Customer Service by giving customers a voice
Empowering buisness
by giving consumers a voice.